If you consider how much the world has changed since 1946, it’s no surprise that our business has also transformed significantly since we started.

In 1946, Jack Ramsden started casting aluminum compressor parts in his garage in London, Ontario. In addition to helping his first customer, Webster Air, solve a supply chain problem, he also laid the foundation for a family business that is still going strong after 75 years.

A lot has changed since Jack launched Ramsden. After three-quarters of a century, the business has grown from a one-man show with one local client to a team of some 70 strong serving customers across North America.

Some things haven’t changed, like our commitment to doing top-quality work, building meaningful relationships, and always being open to new ideas.

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2021, we are reflecting on the journey that has brought us this far.

Succeeding together

The business that Jack Ramsden started in his garage in 1946 is still going strong today thanks to the hundreds of employees, customers, and partners who have powered our ongoing success.

We recognize that Ramsden would not be here today without the contributions of every one of these individuals. That’s why building trust, encouraging teamwork, and nurturing community always have been and always will be central to how we operate.

Innovating & evolving

During our first several decades in operation, Ramsden produced a wide range of metal products for the consumer market – everything from contractor’s tools and go-karts to snowmobile trailers and electric frying pans. However, since the 1970s, we have focused our efforts on aluminum casting.

With constant innovation, decades of expertise, and investing in new technologies, our business has evolved over the years to become a leading North American aluminum foundry for permanent mold and semi-permanent mold castings.

Onwards to the next 75! 

As a tight-knit team, we share our successes and celebrate our milestones together. And we figure that 75 years in business certainly calls for a celebration!

In November 2021, we gathered our team and their families to mark the occasion. In true Ramsden style, this included parents giving their children a special behind-the-scenes look at our operations, sharing highlights from our long history, and enjoying our time together with lots of laughter and good food.

While we can’t say for sure where the future will take us from here, we look forward to writing the next chapter together. Onwards to the next 75 years!